Extra Virgin Olive Oil "Evo del Presidente"

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil "Evo del Presidente"

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Area of production: Tuscany, internal Capalbio hills, Manciano and Pitigliano.

Kind: Monoculture Caninese.

Harvest period: from November15 until November 30.

Extraction: continuous cycle in three stages.

Colour:deep green with golden reflexes.

Aroma: intensively fruity, clear aroma of green olives with hints of dried fruit that resemble almonds.

Taste: clean, it starts with a slight sweet sensation followed by a bitter and spicy boost of avarage intensity; intese presence of vegetable hints that resemble grass and fresh almonds

Use: used raw especially on vegetables, pottages and soups with legumes, anchovy, grilled meat, oj mixed salads, legumes and roasted bread (brushetta).